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will the Car of the Century be a Citroën ?

CITROËNS archives:

Citroëns at the Madrid Car Show 1997

CITROËNS archives:


Citroëns at the Tokyo Motor Show 1997

Even the Pope had a Citroën !

Spy photos of the Citroën X (new 2CV?) and Xsara-Van !
Click on:

Shockwave  and moving CITROËNS

Nn the Internet there are some places where you can see
CITROËNS moving, as if they were on the road... :

See the Xantia passing on the road and Test Xantia's suspension
- interactive! by Planetwork

"Match" Nakasato shows you
How the hydro-pneumatic suspension works

Other people don't use Shockwave, but make animated "gif's",
soon links to those pages

CITROËNS archives:
Granada - Dakar 1996

In 1996 Citroën took part for the last time (until now)
in this "classic"
desert-rallye and won it with the ZX-Rallye-Raid.
Here is a picture:
Ari Vatanen on the 7th stage
You can see all the other pictures at this CITROËNS page:
 Granada - Dakar 1996

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Citroën Poststamps

other Citroën poststamps
updated December 29, 1998 !

in Citroën 2CV etc.

you can see the difference between:
| 2CV prototype |
2CV A-serie | AU | AZU250 | AK350 | 2CV Sahara |
| AK400 | Jian | Citronetta | Dagonet |
Coupé de Pontac | UMAP | VP2000 |

2CV 1953

Quartet game


This first "Citroënette" game started by Marcel Reimer
on December 5 and lasted until December 16, 1997
Click on one of the cards to see al 36 in the next series:
CX | DS | Méhari | SM | 2CV | GS

Citroën Classics Showroom
the way to buy or sell a classic Citroën worlwide


Jay Leno

Jay Leno, the garage car culture, Jay's Car Today

Jay Leno's SM

The popular showmaster Jay Leno owns several different cars, one of them being a SM,
which was in the end of August 1997
on the Internet as "Jay's Car Today".

Citroën Comic of the Month

Which Citroën car will show up next month?

The graphics out of the "Citroën Comic of the Month" from the past!!!

Click here to go to the CitroŽn Comic Archives

CITROËNS archives:

Berlingo Bulle

Citroëns at the Paris Car Show 1996

interactive CD-Rom for the Paris car Show 1996

 ami6 pageami6

Would you like to see other Citroën pages?

CitroŽn World

CITROËNS archives:

Intergrafica 3D Citroën images

CITROËNS archives:
IAA Frankfurt 1997

CITROËNS archives:

Europe by Car

CITROËNS archives:

Citroëns at the AutoRAI 97 Amsterdam

From Citroën Comic of the Month


Taxi to Hell !

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